National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Nust Main Building

The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) continues the age-old traditions of learning and cultural diversity. Thousands of aspiring high school graduates take the Computer Based tests to compete for a limited number of seats.
Interestingly, except engineering, almost all the disciplines have a large number of female students.

More than 70% of students hailed from the lower middle class and these talented students are supported through different scholarships and fee waivers. 

The vision of the University is to be enshrined in its logo which symbolizes change, hope, enlightenment, radiating from the book of knowledge. While its mission is to grow as a research lead comprehensive University with focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

History Of NUST 

The University was instituted in 1991 as a civil-military collaboration by placing three well-established engineering colleges of  the army under its umbrella and opening these institutions to civilian students.

 Gradually, three more military colleges joined its portal. Simultaneously, new institutions were founded and the existing colleges were strengthened and expanded. 

Over the years, the University has grown in size and stature as a comprehensive university with two dozen constitution institutions and 130 academic programs.

Residential Facilities at NUST

The faculty and staff are provided on-campus accommodations with support facilities.
NUST has on-campus hostel facilities for around 60% of its student population.
NUST provides affordable accommodation and messing facilities to the students who opt to live on-campus. For a personal experience, living on-campus  provides you with a perfect opportunity to experience the real NUST culture. You will experience mind-night birthday celebrations and surprises, all nighters before the exams and a wide social circle of friends from all over the Globe.

So, by the time you graduate, you would have become an independent young individual and would have made life-long friends who make the NUST experience a lot more fun!.   

Corporate Advisory Council

Corporate advisor council combines leadership from 11-key sectors across the national economy.
It aims to bridge the gap between the academic research and business requirements and the creation of effective university-industry linkages.

NUST Medical Complex

NUST Medical Complex consists of 500 beds Teaching-cum-Research hospital along with school of health sciences, nursing, paramedics and pharmacy.

Center for Counseling and Career Advisory (C3A)

Center for Counseling and Career Advisory is staffed with professional couselors and trained physiologists to guide students and staff.

 Clubs and Societies at NUST

Clubs and societies help in fostering leadership traits and teamwork among the students. 
Community service club, Drama and debating society are among the more active clubs for the  Gamble's.
Sports Facilities at NUST 

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body i.e., the healthier the human body, the faster the brain works. As the proverb goes,” A healthy body is equal to a thousand boons.”

 The future of a nation is largely dependent on its healthy youth (especially students) and provision of such for a whereby the young are enabled to stay physically and mentally fit. The role of educational institutions is very important in this regard.

NUST has a good and active sporting culture. The sports events continue almost the complete year. The University organizes inter and intra-colleges competitions for its students.
It has always been fun to take part in those competitions and help your school win.

The Following images lists the different NUST colleges with the available sports facilities.

sports-facilities table

sports-facilities table

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