NUST Student Hostels| NUST Hostel Allotment and Facilities


NUST hostels have been established for the out station National and International students. Hostels are providing hygienic and pleasant environment and are equipped with all amenities for standard living.

 Sixteen hostels have been built in the main campus of NUST (11 for male and 5 for female) having capacity to accommodate 4500 students. Hostel accommodation will be allotted to outstation students only who get admission in any School / Institute at NUST Main campus Islamabad.

NUST (H-12) campus has 16 hostels to facilitate the students. 11 of these are for boys and the rest 5 are for the girls. 

Hostels (for Males)

 1. Rumi Hostels Block-I, II & III        PG  Students(Some Senior UG Students may be entertained in Rumi-III Hostel on availability of accommodation)
2. Ghazali Hostels Block-I & II         UG Students
3. Razi Hostels Block-I & II              UG Students
4. Attar Hostels Block-I & II              UG Students 
5. Zakaria Hostel                              UG Students
.Hijveri Hostel                                UG Students

Hostels (for Females)

 1. Fatima Hostels Block-I & II       PG Students
 2. Zainab Hostel                             UG Students
 3. Ayesha Hostel                            UG Students
 4. Khadija Hostel                           UG Students


Since a large number of Undergraduate students take admission in NUST (H-12 campus) every year and most of them are hostelites, so, it is very difficult to accommodate all the students. 

A large number of students apply for the on-campus hostel facility and only a limited number of students are given the accommodation.

Given Below is the procedure to apply for the NUST hostels.

Students are required to apply through their CMS Account for Hostel Accommodation while New Comers may apply by clicking here (PG students) & (UG Students) by clicking here. Hostel accommodation will be allotted as per Allotment SOP depending on availability of seats, as per the instructions delineated in succeeding paras.

Eligibility Criteria 

 Students registered for statutory courses in the University (Islamabad Campus only) will be eligible to avail the facility of NUST Hostels.

 Priority of Allotment 

 a. Disabled / special students 

 b. Wards of Shuhada and orphans

 c. Overseas (After provision of the residential proof i.e. residency, Iqama, passports etc.

 d. Students from far flung areas. (1) Balochistan (2) Sindh (3) FATA (4) Gilgit Baltistan
(5) Southern Punjab (Bahawalnagar, D.G Khan, Layyah,
Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur) (6) Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Athmuqam, Hattian Bala, Haveli) (7) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (D.I Khan, Chitral)

e. Priority – 1. As a matter of principle, allocation of Hostel to the
waiting list of last year takes priority over all.

f. Priority – 2. Second Priority shall be given to the students,
who fall in para 4 a to d above and fall in the first
merit list.

g. Priority – 3. Third priority shall be given to the students as per
their position in the merit list after excluding priority 1 & 2.

6. Compassionate Ground

a. Medical Cases Will be decided on case to case basis. Student
desirous for hostel accommodation on medical grounds must submit
medical documents along with the hostel admission form. The hostel
branch will forward the case to Medical Dte for opinion.

b. Relocation / posting of parents

7. Ineligible Criteria

a. Residents of Islamabad / Rawalpindi and nearby areas 

b. Expelled students 

c. Students having complete degrees

Facilities Provided at the NUST Hostels

  1.Furnished Accommodation

Students are provided with fully furnished room equipped with beds, a cupboard for each student, fans, tube lights and a separate study table for each student.
There is 24/7 power backup and the washrooms are available with the water all the time.

 2. Tri-Seater Rooms  

Only Masters and PhD students are allotted with tri-seater rooms. These rooms have attached bath which is a good advantage. These rooms have higher rent then the  Bi-seater rooms. But the important point is, you can not apply for Bi-seater room is you are a PhD or Masters Student and vice versa.

 3. Bi-Seater Rooms

These rooms are squarer in shape. They have same facilities as of tri-seater room except of attached baths. Students have to use the community bath if they are accommodating in Bi-Seater rooms.
Undergraduate students are allotted with these rooms and PhD and Masters students can not apply for this.

 4. TV  Room

Each hostel has two TV rooms equipped with two LEDs in each. Each room has three to four AC installed.
These rooms are also used for playing cards, chess, carom-board and ludo.

 5. Mess

Each hostel is equipped with mess which has the capacity of accommodating almost 400 student at a time.
Students can have their three time meal from there. The meal provided there is purely hygienic and the menu keeps on changing on monthly bases.

NUST Mess Menu

 6. Laundry

Each hostel has its own laundry and you can give limited number of cloths two times a week and you will get it washed after a week.

 7. Gymnasium

Each hostel has its own gymnasium which are equipped with proper instruments.

 8. Badminton Court

Each hostel has its Badminton court. So, you can have fun with your friends till late night.

 9. Snooker

Each hostel has well furnished snooker table. You can borrow the sticks and the balls from the hostel manager after handing over your identity card.

 10. Table Tennis

Each hostel has two Table Tennis tables. So, you can enjoy it too.

  11. Microwave Oven/Kettles

Each floor has a Microwave and a kettle installed. So, students can eat fresh meal and make tea before starting studying.

 12. Vending Machine

Each hostel has a vending machine installed. So, you can have snakes, biscuits and juices to kill your hunger!

 13. Medical Service

Medical facility is available 24/7 for the hostel students. 
Students can ask the hostel manager to call for an ambulance. Ambulance will pick you from hostel and drop you at the medical center and will again drop you at hostel.

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